Mission and Vision
Our mission is to develop highly-qualified individuals who will contribute to the future of the country by making utmost use of the knowledge gained in fields of science, technology and arts in the light of universal values; offer learning opportunities in the fields of research, education and service for the benefit of the wider community.
Retired Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Ali BÜLBÜL 
Prof. Dr. Atilla EREN
Prof. Dr. Aysun UMAY
Prof. Dr. Birsen ÖNALP
Prof. Dr. Fatma İnci MORGİL
Prof. Dr. Füsun SİPAHİLER
Prof. Dr. Haluk SORAN
Prof. Dr. İlhami KİZİROĞLU
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ABAK
Prof. Dr. Süleyman PATIR
Assist. Prof. Dr. Canan YANIK
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ümit Işık ERDOĞAN